Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pay-off is Grand

Excited. Anxious. Prepared. Determined. Ready.

Last Sunday, I hit the road and trails and ran my first half-marathon, here in Camas, WA. I'd been training for this run for six months or so, and put a whole lot of time, energy, and heart into preparing myself. I am excited to say that I finished the race and did so in 2:10. I had a goal time of 2:00 hours, but let's just say that the two major hills that I later deemed unnecessary and pure cruel (as one of them was during the LAST leg of the race) killed some time...

Overall, the course was a blast and my body handled it well. I had some minor muscle strains from the hill climbs, but no injuries, blisters, or damaged toes. The couple days following, I was EXTREMELY sore, which made it hard to even go up or down the stairs, and I walked funny as all the muscles in my legs had taken a serious beating. However, the accomplishment is worth it.

Being a Mom, and dedicating the majority of my time to my two little ones, has a way with limiting the amount of adventure at times. Through the training, I've re-visited the ambitious, dedicated, competitive side of me that brings excitement and adventure. Most amazing, is the full-knowing that if we are kind to our bodies and care for them, WE CAN do amazing things. Fetes like these feel awesome and are good for the soul.

Coming up on the 6 & 7 mile loop~Nate was there to cheer me on

"Don't let weakness make you believe you lack strength." -unknown

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 17th~Husband is 28!!

Last weekend was quite the occasion. With adventuresome spirits we gathered the family (and our sis-in-law Stef, whose hubby is away in Iraq) and headed to Maupin, OR, where we camped along the deschutes in celebration of Nate's birthday. There is nothing that this boy would rather do then camp and fish. None of us was aware, though, that the allowed camping sites in Maupin, failed to include trees, or that we would feel like we were camping in death valley for the next three days. We did see a few camp sites that hugged the river, but with little ones, we opted for a treeless, grass-hopper/burnt-grass site. Oh, yeah, with no campfire allowed. But who really cared? It was a 100 degrees the first two days. Regardless, camping+family+the friends who met up with us on the second day+river+dance parties amounted to total fun.

With my husband on my heart, and another year of his to celebrate, I leave you with some of my thoughts on this camping trip and his kind soul...


Tired, hungry, and heat exhausted, he would still offer you a hot dog first.
When you realize that you actually have no tent in that "tent-bag" he'd invite you to take his tent and sleep in his truck bed under the stars.
Even though you got that huge ticket due to irresponsibility, he'd offer to pay for part of it so your trip wasn't ruined.
Even bright and early on his birthday morning, he'd bring coffee to all of those who hadn't yet moved.
He invites strangers to join the lantern-light, listen to the music, and hear a few of his stories.
He'd make you a clearing in the brush, under the trees, at the waters edge so you could cool off.
On his way out to go fishing, he'd hand you one of his drinks when he realized you didn't bring one.
He'd even make you a place in the rocks to keep your drink cool and so it wouldn't get carried off by the current.
How'd a girl like me get so lucky to call this one my hubby?
I love you, Nate! Happy Birthday!

Rickey taught Brooklynn how to cooler-drum

One hot baby

The first family picture in a long while

Imagine that same hotdog in the dirt and picked up again a few times

One stoked girl to be camping...a natural

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little Afternoon Treat

For those of you who don't read A Cup of Jo, enjoy one of her recent postings here. Jaw-dropping and hilarious. It will definitely brighten up your afternoon~It did mine!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First day of Pre-school (summer-camp)!

I can hardly believe it. My little girl is old enough to go to pre-school. We've been talking about it for months and it was this very idea that had her encouraged to get potty-trained fast. She's been talking about her teacher, Mrs. Reive, and the things that she MUST tell her, for months now, too.

I couldn't resist taking these first-day-of-school pictures. Reflecting on this morning, I realize I was pretty anxious for her and her big day and her first time in the classroom. Yesterday, I kept telling her with excitement that she was "going to school tomorrow." After a few times, she said, "can you please quit telling me that I am going to school tomorrow?" Smart, funny girl. Here she is in all her cuteness. Unfortunately, she fell and skinned her face on the sidewalk the other day, but still, she is so very cute.

Brooklynn Rose
Always a silly pose

My favorite girl

The first of the take-home treasures...
The horse and the cowboy beads on the bracelet have all to do with the Cowboy theme at school this week.

It feels as though we've officially began the part of Brooklynn's life where we rely on others to help shape the life of our daughter. It's with excitement that I encourage her in this new stage, but with a smidge of ache as I come to terms with the very fact that she's not a baby anymore, and hardly a toddler. My little sweet-spirit is becoming a young girl, who will, before I know it, be a young woman. Cherish, cherish, cherish I tell myself. Nothing lasts forever. It will get better, but there is no returning to where it all started. Remember. Love. Breathe in the memories. Smile and even cry a little.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lovely People and Things

Have a

I found this beautiful embroidered piece on Antler Magazine's blog, thanks to Candace of musings of a melancholic. She'll be doing some upcoming posts on their lovely blog for their magazine of beautiful things. The perfect place to explore, and her contemplative writing has the potential of swooning you...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"It is the Soul that Makes Us Human..."

Seems that creativity continuously escapes me, as of late. No matter how many times I try and indulge and divulge, the words to explain my heart scamper off, leaving no path to follow or reason for its hiding. And for weeks now, inspiration has also failed to meet me on the other end; resulting in my feeling deserted by her displaced absence and a longing for her return. However, it is quite possible that the white-washing of the canvas is meant to be. I have, after all, been spending a great deal of time tending to my soul and waiting carefully to hear the whispers of my heart.

The waters have been murky with patches of clarity lately, causing much distress and confusion, and long followings of self-talk. I've been reading Thomas Moore's Care of the Soul, and it is the perfect companion for this period of self-reconciliation. I feel encouraged and nurtured by Moore's words; that hope lies in the parts of us that are unfortunately perpetuated. I'm trying to better understand these parts of me and how to handle them when they are stirred, because the living and feeling never halt. Understanding how to be and deal with such vulnerability is what I am after.

"Care of the soul is not solving the puzzle of life; quite the opposite, it is an appreciation of the paradoxical mysteries that blend light and darkness into the grandeur of what human life and culture can be." ~Thomas Moore

Love this sweater/shawl. I want one. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Too Much Fun


It has been so long, but the break from the day-to-day and computers and telephones was much needed. The last week or so has been a BUSY one with a staycation, a holiday, family in town, and a bachelorette party. We've been on the move constantly, so it is with relief that I sit down to recap what we've been up to recently, and really, just sit down! I want to thank you for having such great blogs! Bloghopping is so relaxing and so very inspiring, too! It's my favorite way to take a breather and re-coup.

Here is the run-down on our fun:

My oldest sis, Tammy, and her four boys came to visit from Montana. It was so nice to see the family over the two weeks. They spent half their time at their old neighbors' houses and the last half of their trip here with us. Me and the kiddos met up with them the first day at Oaks Park. Even the little kids had a good time with train rides, kiddie rides, and even a small roller coaster for Brooklynn. Well I thought it was small enough when I agreed to take her on it, but during the ride she was petrified. Poor girl.

Please click on the above picture for a close-up & a good laugh. ;)

Brooklynn and cousin, Easton

Asher boy

Tams and I

Cousin Lexon and Brooklynn

The day before the fourth of July, the hubby and I took the kids up to Great Wolf Lodge and hit the water park. What a great place! We haven't been as adventurous as we would like these last few years since we've had kids, so we thought it'd be a great family bonding adventure. The park was really neat and there was a large kiddie pool with slides and climbing areas. Brooklynn and Asher showed no fear of the water, which is surprising, since they hadn't been in a pool before! They had lots of fun and Nate and I took turns watching the kids so each of us could take a ride down a big water slide. After all was said and done, we agreed that Asher's still a little young for that sort of fun; his attention span is short and unless he can run free in an area, it's probably not a good one for him (or us)! Here are the few pictures of us at the park, and some of Asher trying to get away (which he did for the majority of the trip)...

A few from the fourth:

Tammy's old neighborhood, friends & us

Its become a tradition that when Tammy comes in town we take the kids and have donuts in the park. A good combo, right?

My oldest brother Marc, oldest sister Tammy, and my sister-in-law Jeannie, & I


And of course, we can't leave out Tammy's and my photo shoot...

Some good ones, hu?

The summer is turning out to be sunny and fun here in Camas. We've got Nate's birthday coming up this weekend, camping trips to look forward to, and more vacations to take. We'll have no issues with making the most of the next month and a half! Hope your summer is going delightful!

Happy Monday!

“You must write every single day of your life... You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads... may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.” ― Ray Bradbury
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