Friday, February 8, 2013

Two and a half days in Vegas is just about right

When I returned home from sunny, care-free Las Vegas, I returned to my family down and out with the flu.  I've been wearing a face mask, ingesting mass amounts of vitamins, sweating out as many toxins as I can at the gym and sleeping on the couch.  All while still getting coughed in the face from my sweet boy, who ends up next to me in the morning--or on the couch with me like he did last night, and who still can't remember to cover his mouth regularly.  I'll let you know if I beat this. 

So here's how Vegas went down (pics at the bottom):

::When I arrived at The Trump to meet up with my girl, Heather, I felt like orphan Annie being left on Daddy Warbuck's doorstep.  The bellboys opened my taxi door, helped me out, took care of my bag, and ushered me into a sea of gold.  Inside were massive chandeliers and floral arrangements, and tall ceilings.  I caught the elevator guard by surprise when I inquired about the one thousand flowers in the lobby.  He seemed embarrassed that he couldn't tell me what kind they were, but he did tell me that the arrangements are changed every 2-3 days with fresh flowers, and that the lobby is scent-infused.  It smelled like a magnificent flower garden.  I didn't sing, I think I'm gonna like it here with jazz hands, but I knew it in my heart.

::When I made it to the room, we immediately started catching up, opted to get into our pajamas and ordered chocolate cake.  Wild, first night right?  I take the liberty of blaming it on...she came into town to work the next day and I'm a mom. 

::While my friend was working Nordstrom, I walked the strip like a paparazzo taking pictures of palm trees, a thirty ft. Donny and Marie on the Flamingo and a rip-off version of Mickey and Minny drinking beer.  Then I jogged the strip home, including the sky-bridges and escalators.

::I saw a fashion show and shopped in the LARGEST Forever 21 I could have ever imagined.  I was so overwhelmed, that I completely didn't see the escalator in the middle of the store heading to the upstairs.  But I did succeed in finding a cute leather bomber jacket.

::While at the mall, I watched a fashion show rehearsal AND helped a 75 year old lady up off the ground when she fell in her stilettos.  Yes.  Apparently, Vegas needs an age-limit on pumps.

::My other bestie from NYC flew in on Friday with her boyfriend and hilarity ensued.  We had memories falling out of our pockets.

::I won $100 playing Blackjack, cashed it out, and lost it the next day.  Go figure.

::We were out and about till 4:30 am Saturday night and it hardly felt past 11pm, thanks to the recommended cat-cap.

::I tried a fried mac n' cheese bite, and enjoyed my first tapas meal off the strip with my friends.

::I wore my friend's MAC Dear Diary hot pink lipstick and loved it.  $40 on Ebay!!?  It's a great color and according to my friend, it's no longer available and there's nothing else on the MAC counter like it.  And of course now I want a tube, mainly because of the fear of loss...of a good lipstick...even if I've only worn lipstick twice in the last five years.

::I also found out the true meaning of genius when I used dry shampoo for the first time.  Being a woman just got easier.  Who has a favorite dry shampoo to recommend?
So that's the gist of my trip, along with the worry that I had when Husband had to take Brooklynn to the ER because of dehydration and the flu.  But daddy took great care of our girl, and by the time I returned home, she was smiles and feeling much better.
Overall, I'd call Vegas a success!  I'm so thankful for Heather's wild idea for me to join her and Alyssa, and Husband's generosity to send me there, and holding down the fort with sick wee-ones.  I missed him being there.  Next time!


brittany marie davis February 10, 2013 at 9:05 AM  

Vegas is an interesting place. I am glad you had a nice time. I am sad you had sick ones at home.

Love that lipstick on you. Have your really only worn lipstick so sporadically? I guess you are just a natural beauty. I love my lipstick, so I wear it everyday. :)

Hope your family gets to feeling better soon!

Libbie February 10, 2013 at 7:56 PM  

I had to laugh at the first part Cassie...guess who is sitting here typing with pink eye from Roo.. :) Yuck! All the germs with all these kids! Glad I am not headed to Vegas with pink eye!

Your trip sounds WONDERFUL! I keep telling my girlfriends when Kit turns 2 we are going Somewhere! Anywhere! (but really I think my husband would die if i left him with a babe under two) So your husband deserves a standing O for taking on the troop!

And that lipstick....looks fabulous! :)

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