Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall is My Personal New Year 10/2/07

Fall is my personal New Year. With the landscape dawning it’s blessed rich color and sighing it’s crisp northwest air, I stumble towards personal reconciliation. It’s quite possible that the weather forced wardrobe changes and the conversion from outdoor to indoor activities run parallel to my inner being. As everything turns to the inside, so does my heart searching, and there I find, as with any other year, bits of myself that require revisiting. What thing better to do on a cool autumn day with a chance of rain?


“You must write every single day of your life... You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads... may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.” ― Ray Bradbury
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