Sunday, November 2, 2008

Please Pray For Brandon Hendrick 9/20/2008

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Jon, Nate, Brandon & Friend--Go Hawks!

Our friend Brandon has been in and out of treatment for Bone Cancer for the last year, after having been in remission for six years. He’s just 22 years old. Last January, after series of Chemo treatments, Brandon agreed to have a complete hip replacement and areas of his pelvis replaced to remove the cancer. Because the risk of surgery in itself was so great, Doctors had to stop mid-way through the surgery because they almost lost him. By God’s grace, he survived the surgery and even began walking just months later! In August, Brandon headed back to ASU but within weeks found out that the cancer has again spread. Currently, he is in Arizona and is struggling to manage his pain, while doctors discuss what to do next. Please pray for him and keep him in your thoughts as he endures this fight. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, love & support!

Here’s B’s website. If you’d like, leave him a note or let him know that you, too, are praying for him!


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