Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Pumpkin Hunt 10/29/2008

We went to Joe's Farm in Vancouver to pick out our pumpkins this year, and had a great time. Nate's brother, Jon, and his fiance, Stef came with us, and they are always up for doing things family style with us, even though they don't have kids. Sometimes, though, it seems that they like to practice with ours. Jon, however, has taught Brooklynn many things that we haven't always been fond of, like hitting herself in her face, grabbing their dog by the nose and kissing it's snout (scary). His antics have become a joke among us, but if we don't watch and listen to him, he tries to pull one over on us. On this particular day at the farm, Jon said to Brooklynn while we were waiting in line to pay for our pumpkins, "Hey Brooklynn, see those people over there? Go ask them for money." !!!! Luckily we were listening and intervened. Uncle Jon is sneaky, but sure is Brooklynn's favorite!

Since Brooklynn is only 2 1/2, she's still doing a lot of "firsts." She didn't really know what the pumpkins were all about, but she had a blast trying to fill the wheel-barrow full. We haven't had a chance to carve them yet, but I'm hoping to do it tomorrow. I realize Halloween is Friday, but the experience is what counts, right?









Erin November 10, 2008 at 9:48 AM  

Your pictures are adorable and of course the pumpkins always add that extra color & spice! B. Love himself can be like Uncle John & also Grandpa Waller but I think we deserve it because that is definitely the kind of Uncle JOey has always been to Jack, Livi, and all of our friends kids! He has toned down quite a bit now that we have our own though!

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