Thursday, April 28, 2011

Plenty to Love

It has been a full week already and it's about to get even busier with a big birthday this Saturday.  Brooklynn couldn't be more excited to celebrate her big day!  Between now and then there is plenty to do and plenty to love...

This week's Little Things:

Inheriting a vintage book of Robert Frost poems.
The best Easter Sunday ever, with family, church, an egg hunt and of course,
Carrot Cake.
A good, tiring, run.
The compassion that my children have.
The yellow flowers on my table.
Hunting for pretty things--more on this soon.
Celebrating successes of friends and family.
Being married to a man who has the most generous heart for everyone.
Letting go of ideas and presumptions that did nothing but worry me--what a waste, and what a relief!
The memories we've been making in our new home, i.e. sneaking up on the frogs in the ponds with flashlights, John Deer mower rides, a horse named Lonely, and a serious egg hunt in the trees.
Life really couldn't be any better to us, and we feel so blessed.

What are your little things?
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I know.  I've been quiet. 
I've been busy, and I've been stocking up my shop

Coral & Rose-Tinted Antiqued Filigree

Thinking of end of the year teacher gifts, yet?
Pop on over and take a look at my latest treasures.
They make perfect teacherly gifts!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Yellow Files

Growing up, I wasn't much of a yellow girl,
but these days--

I'll take it in yellow.

Cheers to a Friday full of sunshine!

xx, Cassie

images via pinterest

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's the Littlest Things

A walk through Camas Antiques.  It'll cheer you up even on your worst day!
A freshly painted room.
Pulling the makings of crafts from their moving boxes and giving them a home.
A successful treasure hunt--more on the latest finds soon!
Paper butterflies scattered about the table in preparation for 
a special birthday on the horizon!
Anticipating a huge Easter egg hunt for the kiddos and their cousins this Sunday. 
I'm sending the big boys into the trees!
Getting to know these country roads by running them.
A long overdue visit with my brother.
Indulging in the sweetest mini banana cupcake with caramel cream cheese frosting this afternoon.  Now I must find the recipe!
Hearing Asher tell a story.  He tells the best stories about dragons and princesses.  I'd love to get some footage and share with you...I'll put that on my list of to-dos!
Climbing in bed with a good book.

Now, if I could just climb into one of these three beds...
What are your little things?
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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Garbage Gold Mine

It was a good long weekend, you?  There was a fort, a birthday party for the kids, a visit from Grandpa, and practically an entire day spent painting and refinishing furniture.  I even had Husband on board, and heard him say he was having fun!  Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get him to help me with projects, and you'll know why by the end of this post.  Once the last of the painting is completed and the space gets put together (right now there are boxes and ladders and paint cans on the floor), I'll get the pictures up. 
I'm so excited! 

Remember when I said that Husband brought home some salvaged treasures?
Well, he didn't exactly dumpster dive, but he did happily pluck these
from the hands from someone who was off to take them to the can.
Maybe I need to explain further? Have I told you that Husband is a contractor, and he builds, remodels and restores homes?  That's why he was near the garbage,
and thanks to him, sometimes I have the privilege of ending up with treasures like these.
He's a gem, right?

Husband says he stressed that he'd get some serious married-with-benefits sort of compensation for this save.  He's a funny one, eh?  Shouldn't our men just be looking out for us, regardless?

I think I have plans for the gold one after Husband sprays some sort of sealant over the lead paint.  He tried to convince me they needed to be sanded down and repainted, but I can't imagine parting with the original, weathered wear.  On the other hand, I've seen some nice refinished window frames.  What's your stance?

What would you use them for?

There is SO much possibility!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roots & Our Favorite Chicken Adobo Recipe

Yesterday, at the market, the sweet, young worker behind the deli counter asked me if I was Italian.  I've been asked this before, and without being able to yes, or being able to tell her that I have some fantastic line of anything, I had to tell her no.  I've been asked if I am from various descents--Italian, Brazilian, Filipino, even Russian, and have wallowed in a few brief moments of my lack of any exotic ethnicity.  My mother got similar questions growing up.  Was she Polynesian?--especially since she lived in New Zealand for some years, but the answer was, of course, no.  I have, however, learned that I am English--Welsh to be exact, and one of my family's lines can be traced back to the Isle of Mann, which is an island located between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.  Can you tell I am finding this information to be quite intriguing?!

Husband, on the other hand, has a more colorful background.  His father has Irish blood-lines, while his real mother is half Filipino and half Native American, so our children have acquired 1/8 Filipino and 1/8 Native American blood, along with their English and Irish heritage, and I have to say, that I am quite proud of their background.  Husband's other mother is full Filipino, which is fantastic, especially since both of these women can cook!  So it is with great pleasure that I am learning more about our heritage, and have been learning to cook a bit ethnically, too!

One of the dishes from Husband's childhood that I've learned to cook is Chicken Adobo, and it's one of our favorites!  I probably make it 2-3 times a month, and each time we feel right at home.  I know, I'm such a wannabe. 

image via
Chicken Adobo
Cook it. Love it. Devour it.

NOTE: If any of you have come back for this recipe, I have added one more cup of water. Instead of 1 C. it is now 2 C.  Husband likes more sauce and I think you will too!

8 chicken legs*
fresh garlic
3 chopped bay leaves
1 1/2 T. olive oil
whole black pepper*
1 C. soy sauce
1 C. white vinegar
2 C. water
3-5 red potatoes quartered

1. Heat olive oil in large pan on medium heat.
2. Add garlic and meat, lightly browning on all sides.
3. Add in other ingredients.
4. Add in potatoes
5. Let simmer for 25-30 minutes until chicken and potatoes are fully cooked.
6. Serve over rice and enjoy!

*I grew up eating chicken breast, so I'm not going to lie--eating the chicken off the bone is something I had to get used to.  I do plan on using chicken breast the next time I make it to see how it compares. I think it'd be just as wonderful, however, they say bone-in adds flavor. Am I right on this??
*Add whole black pepper to your liking. I usually put in 10-12 whole (tiny) black pepper.

Do you have any recipes that have been passed along to you by family members that you love?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life is Beautiful

In the littlest ways.

Unforecasted sunshine.
Lemony treats like this and this.
Burning a forgotten candle.
Soaking in the tub.  Why don't I treat myself that way more often?
Pulling my hair up in the messiest of buns--and liking it.
Letting my nails grow so I can paint them a fabulous shade of coral.
Finding my children snuggled in close under the covers, watching TV.
The daily renewing of my spirit.
Beginning the task of arranging my studio.  Pictures soon.
Receiving beautiful hand-painted cards from the lovely Martina from Germany!
Waking up in the middle of the night, yet again, but to find myself overflowing with inspiration.
My much needed morning devotionals and how they set the course for the rest of my day.
Horse photos that take your breath.

What are your little things?
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Backyard Treasure Hunt

Last weekend, while Husband's friend, Rickey, was here hanging with Husband, he treated our little ones to a backyard treasure hunt.  After exciting them with the idea, he asked them to help him draw a map of their proposed hunt.  Then he sent them on their way for proper shoes and coats, and of course a basket for their treasures.  After helping Asher tie his shoe, I overheard Rickey explain when Asher asked for a lift, that "each person had to make their own way." 

Husband and I smiled as we watched his hunting partner and friend from teenage years walk around the edge of the property with our two small ones, each fully invested in their "hunt."  When they returned, nearly forty-five minutes later, their basket was full of hunted treasures--treasures even I was surprised were scattered about the property.

They found a plethora of earthly finds,
and a candle...?
and what Husband called a "jarred Ecosystem...?"
I'm not sure who was eating pickles by candle-light in the trees or when...
but the treasures kept them enthralled for some time.

Thank you Rickey for showing our kids how to have a true backyard adventure!

I may have to set out on a treasure hunt of my own to see what other non-earthly things are hiding in the trees.  However, I did watch a coyote trot across the yard the other morning, and I have found a set of animal teeth and bones on the lawn.  Hmm...maybe I'll keep the treasure hunts to indoors!  I'm still looking for my planner and a few other items since the move!   

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bookish Things and Proclamations

Every library should look this way:

I need this necklace.

Fall Stacks by TheBlackSpotBooks on Etsy
Anthro also has one on sale called the Bookworm Necklace.
If only they didn't each cost a pretty, pretty penny.

Penguin Books will forever make me swoon.

Penguin Books Designed by David Pearson,
and you've seen these Penguin books, right?

{insert sigh here}.

On another note, I woke up to glorious sunshine today,
with skies robust blue.
Perfect segue for the weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whilst Waiting for Spring...

It snowed yesterday.  It hailed hard and then it snowed, covering the green grass in what is hopefully, winter's last forget-me-not.  My heart sank a little.  I told Husband last night that it seems that the more grownup I become, the more the rain seems to press into my soul; I ask myself, isn't the internal melancholy that shadows my spirit, enough?  I shun the possibility that I might one day need to leave the rain and the lengthy season that defines the northwest.  I attempt to accept it even more when my spirit wants to divert, because I don't believe it is the rain, but the melancholy that has a real hold on my spirit.  Rain or not, the melancholy follows, even on the brightest of days.  Once tiny seedlings of unsure longings, have since become some of my strongest roots.  Without any other fathomable alternative, I accept--the rain, these roots curled in melancholy and the seeking of solitude, and the sun whenever she so graciously shines.

Here are this week's Little Things...

Watching Brooklynn trying to ride Asher around on the back of his bike.
Hearing Husband tell Brooklynn as she attempts to climb her first tree,
You can't learn everything on the first try...and it struck me--isn't this true for all of us!
Standing in the yard after some intense weeding, looking up at the tall evergreens while feeling the first sixty-degree spring wind flow around me,
and feeling--everything is alright.  
How strong I feel while doing yoga.
Working from home--may it remain this way forever!
Phone calls from my besties in NYC so they could include me in some
childhood reminiscing.  I sat and talked with them for at least forty-five minutes, and it felt like we were on some city patio drinking iced tea and sharing appetizers on a warm spring afternoon.
Seeing the blossoms on the tip-top branches of the tree outside of the nook
and anticipating the tree's full bloom.
Finding inspiration in taking pictures.
Waking up to my kids at my bedside, with Brooklynn pulling back the drapes to peer outside, all the while, with Asher on her lap.


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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Spontaneous Monday.

Last Monday marked the most spontaneous we've ever been since we've had children!  Never before had we planned a trip leaving the very next morning at 4:30am! But we were feeling brave, adventurous and determined to beat the traffic and reach Seattle by 8am.  The main reason for the roadtrip was to receive Husband's passport one-day, but as the cards fell, he didn't end up needing it to travel the next day, so we slowed down and enjoyed the afternoon in the city. 

there was some of the most beautiful sites.
and of course,
Pike's Place Market--
One of the very reasons you should visit Seattle, if you haven't already.
Are you a seafood lover like we are?
Pike's is heaven in the form of seafood.
I finally got to see the fish throwing, too.
It's when you point out your (order) and the seaman tosses your fish at least 10 feet to the guys working behind the counter to be wrapped up.  While watching, I wondered to myself, how many of those large, slippery guys have made a crash landing?
It wasn't long into our visit before we had to steer clear--
Husband wanted it all!

The most delicious, plentiful vegetable stocks.
But this stand stole the show!
Pappardelle's noodle stand was by far the most exciting stand we came across.
After five minutes of browsing and sampling chocolate dessert noodles,
we purchased some Whole Wheat Lemon Chive Spaghetti,
Trumpet Blend Spiral Pasta and Basil Tangerine Pasta.
Recipes came with each order of noodles, too.  The Lemon Chive Spaghetti was a perfect side dish for the King Crab Legs that we splurged on!
Here, the kids are taking a break from our walk
and enjoying a cheesecake truffle from The Confectional.
Husband and I tucked away a Bailey's Chocolate Chunk mini cheesecake for the road.
Then we hit the road for some Seattle sight-seeing.
Love a city in Spring bloom.

...and houses in the Queen Anne neighborhood.
One of them was listed for around $1,700,000.00
At least they make for amazing neighborhood drives!

By this time, the kids were tuckered, so we waved goodbye to the city nestled near the harbor, and headed south to return ourselves back to the county.
We hadn't anticipated such a last-minute, enjoyable day,
but it was so great that we promised to be more spontaneous more often!

Have you had any recent spontaneous fun?

Coloring the Canvas

I've been dreaming up Brooklynn's room for nearly three years now,
and finally, as we are in our new home I can get to work!
It's about time!

One thing has remained constant over the years--
her room must have lots of bold, rich color,
and I think Anna Marie Horner's Garden Party has won my heart! 

Garden Party

Garden Party

Garden Party~Anna Marie Horner

Garden Party~Anna Marie Horner

Garden Party~Anna Marie Horner

Garden Party

Now it's time to decide exactly which fabrics to choose, or to use more of--
purples, pinks, oranges, blue etc., and what pattern to use.
I'm quite fond of hourglass blocks, like in the second to last picture.

The only trouble is is that she has two twin beds in her room,which means two quilts. 
Fortunately, the bedroom set, which we got from my parents before they moved out of state,
is darling, and will make a perfect backdrop to some fun, funky prints!

Remember this photo?

Bring on the funk!

Any ideas fabric or pattern ideas?  Please do share!
Amber?  You've gotta have something?!

“You must write every single day of your life... You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads... may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.” ― Ray Bradbury
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